2:00:00 am

OMG ! baeky, wae so kyeoptaaa? xD AGAGAGA.

Annyeong and Assalam :)

Haaah, baekhyun over there xD i cannot ~ LOLOL. okay, no doubt. as we all know, HATERS are everywhere. if you go there, there's haters. and you go here, here got haters too. tbh i'm tired with all of these stupidoes ppl =.= what did they know? insult people, bashing others and bla bla bla. heyyo, didn't you know it's SUCKS? again, it's SUCKS. arasseo? --" lately, so many ppl poked me because my addiction to KPOP. okay, i just ignore it. Because i know it's just wasting my time. Heol, better i use that precious time to fangirling over baeky. well then,  permanently haters's JOB is bashing people. nae arasseo. keep it on okay? 

Hellyeah, this pic shown KPOPPERS population all over the world. OMG, Malaysia is on the 4th stage :D haha. Yeah, i bet this pic should do another one population -.- "the most popular countries with with Kpop haters" and yeah, Malaysia will be at the first stage i think =..= that's from my opinion and experience lahh. from the moment when haters throwing bottles and shoes at NU'EST and VIXX on Shout! Awards 2012. hell no, malaysian well mannered is gone right on that time. just one words for haters, STUPID. yes, YOU'RE F***ING DAMN STUPID AND I DON'T KNOW WHERE'S YOUR MANNER? AND WHERE DID YOU PUT YOUR BRAIN TO THINK WISELY? EITHER WHAT YOU DID IS BAD OR NOT? THINK HATERS. THINK.

tralalala. entry aku kali ni engrish. LOL xD memang broken -.-