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생일 축하합니다 박찬열 ! ^^

Annyeong and Assalam :3

Hawyeahh, today is our uri happyvirus birthday :"D ahhha, i'm kinda excited LOL. Happy Birthday ! Happy Birthday ! Happy Birthday ! Happy Birthday ! Happy Birthday ! Happy Birthday ! ~ //kay, gila kejap// xD May God Bless You dear wealthy teeth :B ~ nyahaha. ahha, dia dah 21. gap dengan aku, emm, 7 tahun jakkk xD kay takpe, save untuk aku isteri yg ke 2 okeh? yg pertama aku dengan baekhyun xD kaykay, merepek --" lulss ~ malam tadi semua fans EXO pakat nak trending kat twitter #ChanyeolVirusDay dengan #HappyVirusDay  . ahhh, menggila ah semua orang time tuh xD aku tweet je dekat berapa puluh tahh :3 hahah.Time sambut birthday party Chanyeol tuh, only 100 lucky fans je yg dapat pergi. and diorang tak boleh bawak camera or record video. tapi ade je gambar aku nengok xD maybe cameraman la kut yang snap :3 memang happening gilaaa :3 ade gak fans yang pergi party tuh share ape yang diorang buat kat sane. chanyeol ada bagi speech, hahh. nampak sangat dia happy gilos kutt :D

“Hello! It’s EXO-K’s happy virus Chanyeol!” Hello everyone~!Today there was my birthday party, the birthday party was really a lot of fun!!A lot of you came even though it was an impossible time but..I think it was a party where a lot of things happened!We danced..we sang.. I almost had a heart attack because of a electric shock..It’s really difficult to see these kind of things..ㅋㅋㅋBut since everyone cheered for me a lot, it wasn’t embarrassing at all and it was fun!I think today’s birthday party was the best among all the parties I had until now!It’s the first party I had with everyone after debuting,And it was really the first time I spent my birthday with so many people so I was very happy!ㅋㅋㅋIt’s sad that a lot of people couldn’t be with us today but There isn’t only my birthday where you can be with us!And I enjoy the most meeting everyone on stage so I hope we will be able to meet often!Thanks a lot for being with me today!I really thank you for doing your best supporting us!Everyone is always doing their best cheering for us and loving us no matter what happens,I know it better than everyone so from now on, just like now,And even more than now, keep on loving us, be with us for a thousand years, ten thousand years! Got it!I really thank again everyone who wished me a happy birthday!!So until now it was EXO-K’s Chanyeol!! I love you~! - credits as tagged.

hahhh, happy gila dia :") ahhha, mesti comel dia time tuhh >< ahh, untungnya siapa yang dapat pergi party tuhh :3 ade gak some fans share ape jadi time diorang kat sane. memang lawaks LOL xD

*Today only EXO-K came for Chanyeol's birthday party, EXO-M didn't. (credits: 小智MAX)
*Sehun kept saying that he wanted to become the MC. 
(credits: 小智MAX)
*Some fans saw Chanyeol grabbed a mobile from Baekhyun and then Baekhyun grabbed it back and hit Chanyeol's head 2 times
*Sehun and Baekhyun were the MCs, but Sehun kept keeping quiet and was teased by the members. Baekhyun kept stuttering and explained that it was the first time he was MC and he was was nervous. (credits: K鱼K)
*Jongin's mother gave the ingredients and there was a culinary contest between Chanyeol and D.O. They prepared seafood soup. In the end Chanyeol won, and D.O sadly said that Chanyeol would be the future culinary king (credits: K鱼K)
*They played the lie detector test. A fan asked Chanyeol if he would want to be in EXO in his next life and he answered yes. He didn't get shocked by the lie detector. (credits: K鱼K)
*The members suspected that the lie detector was spoiled so D.O said to Baekhyun "Baekhyun's female!" and Baekhyun replied "I am a female!". The detector had no reaction and Chanyeol said "We are roommates TT" (credits: K鱼K)
*Chanyeol went wild today, spraying the members with those white snowflake looking things. (credits: dc v: 吱吱 | 百度朴灿烈吧)
*Chanyeol had severe dry eyes and so he went to see the eye doctor. The doctor said that it was because his eyes were too big and the eyelids couldn't cover the entire eyeball, so when he's too tired he would sleep with his eyes open. When Baekhyun sees Chanyeol sleeping with his eyes open in the middle of the night when he's going to the toilet, he would use his hands and close Chanyeol's eyes. (credits: 小智MAX)
*Suho was wearing a minnie hairband and Jongin was wearing a mickey hairband (credits: K鱼K)
*Baekhyun said that he's very lively and talkative but when he just entered SM, he was very low-key. (cr: 小智MAX, DC)
*When Baekhyun said that he was low-key and quiet when he just entered SM, the other members said he was just as talkative then (cr: 小智MAX)
*Baekhyun said that when he just entered SM, Chanyeol was the first person to walk towards him, and after having eye contact for 10 seconds, they had the feeling of "That's him!". Anyway, the two could get along really well. The other members told them to get married. Baekhyun said "Umma~ I'm going to get married" (cr: 小智MAX, DC)
*When the party ended, Chanyeol said that he thought that he wouldn't be able to celebrate his birthday this year (cr: 小智MAX)
*Chanyeol added that he didn't even get to see his parents on his birthday last year due to practice (cr: 小智MAX, DC)
*Baekhyun was wearing harry potter glasses and some princess looking head accessory (credits: K鱼K)
*Chanyeol said that Kai's matured dancing skills makes him sexy. Baekhyun added that he thinks Kai looks like a 84-liner. (credits: K鱼K)
*D.O said that Baekhyun looks like a female comedian (Lee Sung Mi) with the harry potter glasses. 
*Chanyeol continued that he saw someone posting on the internet that Lee Sung Mi's son debuted from SM. (points to Baekhyun) cr: 小智Max
*Chanyeol also said that a lot of people believed that Baekhyun really was this comedian's son.
*Chanyeol kept muttering to himself that his hair was dropping a lot. (cr: dc v: 吱吱 )
*Jongin said that only Suho was a hyung who felt like a child (cr: 小智MAX, DC)
*One of the questions Chanyeol had to answer from the small piece of paper. "What is your most precious item?" "Everyone" (cr: EXOST官博)
*Suho said that when he was watching One Piece (anime), he actually wanted to try becoming a pirate. cr: EXOST官博

Ahhhha, banyak gila BaekYeol moment time ni xD paling lawak part Baekhyun jadi perempuan LOL xD dia betul-2 kut tukar baju jadi perempuan. Macam hape je xD ni memang moment paling syok ah aku rasa. tapi EXO-M tak join T_T tsk tsk. sedih gilakss. diorang busy lah tu kutt :3

baekhyun jadi gigirl khas untuk yeollie xD hahah.

Kek chanyeol boleh tahan banyak lahh :D mesti fans ada bawak siket :3