6:41:00 am

so hello peeps. dah lamanya tak update blog haahahaha so hm im back with a few sad stories. its all about guys. idk what to say anymore but..

im friendzoned? yes its all begun when im closed to a guy that is already taken, but he treat me like her girl.....  u know :( how could i didnt get any feels for him aite? plus im really really close to him.. to shorten the stories idk what to feel rn. he asked me to rilex and chill. but bro, its not that easy. one day if i truly really fall for you? argh serabut tau tak. i didnt want to be a HARPY u know a person that stole somebody else from them. i seriouslyyyyyyyyyyy didnt know. should i stay away or just stay as a friend? CHILL? NO I CANT. Im a person that easily can fallen in love ....... im dangerous ya know :((((((((((((((

so now....... its really hurts yes it is. i know how friendzone feels rn. gdbye

sakit tahu :")