8:29:00 am

So it was started like this, exactly.

i knew this boy 2 years ago and he does means nothing to me. he's a friend. a science stream student. a fanboy. okay thats all matters that time. 

but one day...

he approached me on twitter and we keep direct messaging each other abt 2 or 3 times a day. concerning abt each other and so on. all of this happens abt 1 months until i started to have feelings over him

after that i sleepover my friends house. yea girl vacation ofc theres gossips and etc. and i opened up abt him infront of my friends. they were all so shocked. idk why but maybe they know something abt him. for sure bcs among 5 of us 3 of them are his classmates. 

so that night was really a terrible night.... my best friends told me ALL abt him. this story became more interesting when i know that one of us is his ex 3 yrs ago. and she did know ALL abt him. one words only can describe what makes my heart hurts bcs of his behaviour. he is a PLAYBOY. I got trapped. MY HEART WAS JUST SO BROKEN// Fyi i dont get into relationship over 3 yrs ago bcs im afraid of guys bad behaviour. but yeah....... luckily i have those girlfriends beside me, tell all the truth for my sake. it takes me 3 days to move on. i keep crying & crying and that time i didnt even reply his text. im all broken. 

im tired.

im give up.

i need a delete button for him.

thats all lah, i oredi move on no worreh hahahhaaha long time no blogging kan? kalini rasa mcm new phase of blogging hehehe. okey i gtg

anyway goodnight peeps ;3