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Annyeong and Assalam :D 

Woahh, pagi pagi buta aku nak update blog ye xD hahha, boring. so, ape lagi.. ^^ BTW, semalam aku ditag oleh seorg chingu ni, PUTRI :) gomawo ya putri-sshi :D aku bab bab KPOP ni jangan, xD sume aku bedal ! okey, start from here :3

1. The first KPOP group that you know and you like.
--> Super Junior for sure :)

2. The first KPOP song you heard.
--> Stand By Me - SHINee (OST BOF)

3. What the ultimate fandom that you're into ? Max 2.
--> EXOtics and KPOP LOVERS *daebak! :)

4. Your first bias and he/she is no longer yours.
--> Jinyoung from B1A4 >< *mianhae oppa*

5. Your ultimate bias. Just pick one.
--> Ofc Byun BaekHyun from EXO-K :D

6. Do you like KDrama or Variety show? if you do, list it.
--> Too many >< Secret Garden, My Gf is a Gumiho, My Girl, BOF, Brilliant Legacy, Naughty Kiss, No Limit, Cinderella's Stepsister, He's Beautiful,  Oh! My Lady, 3 Fathers 1 Mom, White Lie, Full House , Running Man etc.

7. Do you ever buy or go to their concert of fanmeeting ? If you ever, upload da picture.
--> No, but i hope i'll go one day :)

8. Currently you listen to what KPOP song ?
--> SuJu, EXO, B.A.P, NU'EST, U-KISS and many more.

9. Girl group that you hate most ?
--> SNSD *sorry SONE*

10. Girl group that you like most ?
--> I think i don't have one :)

11. Your boyfriend name ? ( I mean you assume your bias as your boyfriend)
--> BaekHyun! *more than that, i assume him as my husband LOL xD*

12. Currently dating with ?
--> BaekHyun <3

13. The KPOP song you hate ?
--> B.A.P - Warrior *mianhae ~

14. Did you ever think that you want to marry your bias ?
--> Everytime, Everyday and Always :)

15. Why you love KPOP ?
--> B'coz of their daebak dance, aegyo and handsome face, awhsome and suite my fav song genre , POP :)

16. Do you have a friend or someone you know that hate KPOP ?
--> Oh, many -.-'

17. Does your boyfriend / girlfriend get jealous with your bias ?
--> Bo ? Haha, i;m single :)

18. The KPOP song you often play.
--> EXO

19. Your bias list. Max 5.
--> Donghae, Sungmin, Kyuhyun , Yook SungJae and BaekHyun.

20. Since when you fall in love with your ultimate bias ?
--> Since I watch the History MV.

21. Does he has a scandal or ideal type girl ?
--> He doesn't have any scandal. His ideal type girl is ' A girl that FULL OF CHARMS ' ;)

22. Your favourite dance KPOP group ?
--> Mr Simple by SuJu

23. Your bias sexy / hot picture ?

I always faint after I saw this pic LOL xD

24. Which kpop blog that you like to view the most ? Blogger instead Tumblr.
--> Unnie Nani's Blog :D *she love suju and her bias is BaekHyun too xD*

25. Dear EXO, always be the best and keep hwaiting! EXOtics always love you guys and support in any condition :) 

26. Write a word for your bias.
--> BaekHyun-ahh, keep doing aegyo face :) take care of your health , don't be too intim with Chanyeol hyung! or i might be jealous >< lastly, SARANGHAE forever :*

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