5:34:00 am

Annyeong and Assalam :D
Today, i don't know what to post.. Tension of doing assignment *just like heechul up there ><* So, i do a contest especially for KPOPPERS. You can join this contest if u want to ;) *tiada paksaan dari mana mana pihak* This is not a copycat contest , original by me .

The rules :-

1. For those want to join this contest, must follow me first :3
2. EVERYBODY can join this contest..
3. Make an entry entitled 'Contest : My Bias' and link your entry to me *at the chatbox*,
so i can give you the rating point :) 
4. Valid date = 8.6.2012
5. Spread this contest to your friend *kalau rajin :D*
6. You can use english, malay and bahasa pasar to make the entry ;D
6. Answer all the questions below ;)

The Questions :-

1. Your bias FULL biodata and her/his characteristic *you can choose only one bias*
2. Why you like her/his , what interesting about her/his and state the reason
3. What fact or behaviour about her/his that you know. example : Donghae afraid of ghost xD
4. Choose the best photo of your bias, edit the photo creatively.. post it as this 4th question ;)

Example :-

*drag the cursor here to zoom*


Okay, thats all :) comment if you have any questions ~ Thanks for your cooperation guys ^.^